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How it works

Keyparc virtual drive


Keyparc creates a virtual drive on your computer on successful sign-on of Keyparc service. Simply work on your sensitive files in Keyparc Drive as-if they are in plain.

They get encrypted on-the-fly when you save them to disk and they are decrypted on-the-fly as they are read.

Your key is safely parked


Keyparc encryption keys are never stored with your sensitive files. They are retrieved from Keyparc server on-demand.

Your keys are safely parked at Keyparc server and delivered to you only when you sign on successfully.

Assure your identity


Keyparc identifies you with your valid sign on of Keyparc or any of single-sign-on service provided by Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live. Your user ID and password for the domain are submitted from your local Keyparc application or web browser directly to the domain ID service without going through Keyparc server. On successful authentication of your identity by your domain provider, a single-sign-on token is returned to your Keyparc application.

Keyparc application then sends over the single-sign-on token to Keyparc server for validation of your identity, once you are trusted and identified, you are granted the permission to retrieve your key(s).